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The perfect dog portrait

Getting a really good portrait of your canine family member can be a challenge.  How do you get them to ‘strike a pose’ for the camera?  They’re either trying to escape or falling asleep at the critical moment!

When you bring your dog to Gilmore’s Dog Photography you’ll get more than just an experienced and talented photographer.  You’ll be working with a photographer who is a Fellow of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association – and you can be sure that she knows exactly how to get your dog to cooperate.

Decades of photography experience and an understanding of dogs that is unsurpassed in the photography world means you’ll get a collection of images that will give you plenty of great shots to choose from.

You can choose to have indoor or outdoor shots and you can be sure you and your dog will enjoy the experience. Gilmores Dog Photography also works on location or in your own home. Take a look at the Gallery or call us now on 07867 988 711.